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Teach Your Little Girls Early - How to Have Pretty Feet

I am blessed with two boys and never had a sister. When I see other parents with girls or my friends so close to their sisters, I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to have a sister or a daughter. But I wouldn't change any of the memories I have with my sons. Instead God blessed me with three nieces and my best friend's daughters, sisters and granddaughters. They are all my family now. God knew that I needed boys, but he gave me a small gift of girls so I would know I had the right mix for my life! But what do boys know about having pretty feet and pedicures?
One day my brothers' families came to the house for a pool party, when my nieces were still very young. I told my nieces that we were going to get pedicures. I had to explain what a pedicure was and that we were getting our toe nails painted. I told them we must have pretty feet if we were going to run around barefoot. They were so excited! They pranced everywhere that day to show off their painted tootsies! Spoiling them was fun and I got to soak up a memory that I never thought I would ever experience. My sons and nephews were playing water basketball and shooting water guns, oblivious to the girl's fun!
What I did not realize is how this event was ingrained in their minds forever! I thought it was fun for me, but little did I know how this would impact the girls. Every time they visit now they ask Auntie to paint their toe nails no matter what time of year. This tradition is such a gift to me and I was honored to have taught my nieces that pretty feet are important to your outer beauty. Of course I moved on to help them accessorize with jewelry. Your pretty bare feet need jewelry too!
So now whenever a little girl comes to the pool with their mom or grandmother, I spoil them as my own. When they get to an age where they start loving to dress up, the first thing I want to share with them is painting their toe nails. Around me they learn at an early age that pretty bare feet with a nice pedicure, painted toe nails, and barefoot jewelry are just as important as putting your makeup on in the morning.
Although my sons could care less about all the 'Girlie' stuff Mom likes, I don't have to rely on them for the comfort of sister, daughter, or granddaughter moments of enjoyment. The boys have so many other ways to love their Mom and create memories and traditions. So the next time you have a little girl come visit, treat them to a pedicure and paint their toe nails and give them barefoot jewelry to accessorize. The will remember! Maybe you will have a tradition and memory like this one to share with a little girl in your life. Yes, it is OK for the boys to be clueless about pretty feet.


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