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Just What the Heck Does This Stuff Really Mean?

Is your web guru constantly mentioning words to you that you have to Google and still can't make heads or tails of what they all mean? Keep hearing that you must have a domain and web hosting and that you need to pick a platform to use? Need your head to stop spinning and feel like you have some understanding so that you can make decisions for your business without feeling like you're drowning? Let me throw you a lifesaver!
Here's an example of an email I've sent out: "WordPress itself is free, what you pay for is a domain name (like EzineArticles.com) and then a small monthly fee for someone to host that website on their computers."
Already we're talking in technical terms that not everyone understands. So think of it like this. You purchase a 20-acre farm and you write a check one time to own that land. This is your domain. Then you build a beautiful house on that farm. In order to afford to pay for all of the materials & labor you get a mortgage loan, which you make payments on monthly for as long as you own the home. This is similar to how hosting works. Every year you also pay taxes on the property so that you can continue to live on the farm. This is considered renewing your domain. Also you have to build from a set of blueprints, which you pay someone a small fee to design for your needs. This is your theme or template. Depending on what software you are working with, it's called by different names. Some farm owners would also need separate buildings like a garage and storage barn/shed, and they would have separate keys to get into certain buildings on the farm that they would share with other folks at the farm.
However, if all you do is build this house on this farm and you never tell anyone about it people can't come for a visit and see the hard work and beautiful home and farm you have. You can tell a few friends your new address and they may stop by from time to time, but if you decided to open up a business on that farm and only told a few people you wouldn't be in business long.
What if you have a person that works with you on the farm and she tells every single person she comes across what a pleasure it is to work with you everyday and how everyone should stop by for a tour & she continues to do this everyday for a year? Imagine how many people might stop by and how big your business could be? This is what the WordPress.org website can do for your business because it's set up to be the most friendly to Google's search team and they have even created things called plug ins to help you automatically complete smaller tasks and free you up to do what you love in your business.
This is why I work strategically with my clients in WordPress to make their website effective and beautiful and leave the owner to do what they love. I can handle all of the technical side because I really do love doing it, but I can also work with each and every one of my clients to help them gain a better understanding of what they need to be in business online and not feel like they have to hand over a part of their business that they struggle to understand, and aren't sure how it really affects them. A good web "guru" is there to not only complete a job, but to partner with the client to make it the best possible experience for all involved.


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