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Little Things Can Make You Happy As You Experience Joy, Satisfaction, and Contentment

Happiness is an emotion where you can experience intense joy, satisfaction, and contentment. Happiness is more mental than physical and needs to be nurtured. It is the ultimate achievable purpose in life and is healthy for your body.
It isn't uncommon for young people to be more aware of negative emotions than are the elderly. This may be a result of childlike selfishness, which may be the result of a lack of consideration for others.
Keep an open mind and attempt not to be concerned chiefly with your own personal profit or pleasure.
When young people have a close relationship with family have an early plus. If they have relationships combined with friendships they have two pluses.
Get together with friends and family as often as possible.
Life is full of little wonders that can make us happy and they are easily accessible. You only need to look around; with your eyes wide-open. Give a helping hand to others and feel good about yourself. Finding little things to make others happy will, in return, make you happy.
Develop sensible eating habits. Good health generates joy and happiness. Eat healthy and feel it.
Try to always smile. Practice saying "Thank You", "Please", and "You're Welcome".
Exercise. A good workout can make you feel happy and satisfied with yourself.
Develop and train your senses to be sensitive to the inherent mental or physical power of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. At the same time develop a sane and realistic attitude to situations and problems.
Slow down, enjoy the beauty of God's many Creations. Observe others and try to feel the feelings they are experiencing in their actions. Sit back and just think about the following examples. These are 'Little Things' that just might give you happiness.
Smell the rain' walking in the rain, playing in the rain.
Holding hands and walking with the one you love.
Watching someone being nice to someone else; i.e., holding open a door, offering to carry someone's groceries.
Watching other teens have fun talking on a street car.
Watching very young children play in the park.
Finding a good bargain on sale.
Enjoy reading a good book.
Send Mom a card without an occasion.
Listen to great older songs on the radio.
Walking in a cool breeze at twilight.
Phone friends ask how they're doing.
Lying on the ground staring at the stars on a warm night.
Watching an older couple hold hands and smile with each other.
Watching others kissing in the locker room.


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