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Choosing Mother of the Bride Shoes - 10 Do's and Don'ts

As we get older, our backs and feet aren't what they used to be.  So what's a mom to do when she knows she must wear fancy dress shoes at her daughter or son's wedding?  Don't use excuses about comfort to avoid looking the best you can on your child's wedding day. Your shoes can make or break your outfit.  Those wedding photos will be around forever, so make sure you look your absolute best, from your feet up, on the big day.
 If you're not sure how to make the transition from sneakers to stilettos, then here are 10 Dos and Don'ts for choosing the perfect pair of Mother of the Bride shoes.
1.    Don't buy shoes that can be dyed. Perfectly matching the color of your shoes to your mother of the bride gown is very pass√©. Plus, when your feet sweat, your feet will turn color.
2.    Do break your shoes in before the wedding. Vacuum in them. Walk up stairs in them. Otherwise you'll be walking around the reception with big blisters.
3.    Don't change into rubber or plastic flip flops during the reception, or even worse, go barefoot.  Is the dance floor a dormitory shower, or the boardwalk? Change into a lower heeled formal shoe if you must, but respect the formality of the event.
4.    Don't choose mother of the bride shoes with boxy or squared toes.  These heavy, clunky looking styles do nothing to elongate your leg, and are best left for more casual outfits. Fine occasions call for fine shoes.
5.    Don't buy shoes that are not your size!  Too many women fall in love with a shoe that's a half size too big and end up stepping out of it, or they buy a size too small hoping  they'll l  be able ignore the pain.  You can't.  If you really can't get the store to locate it in the correct size, move on!
6.    Don't wear a heel you may slip out of, or fall off.  A mule or a 5" stiletto heel will give you rolled ankles and swollen feet if you are not used to wearing them. Let's make sure the limo, not the ambulance, is what transports you from the ceremony to reception!
7.    Don't opt for price over quality when buying Mother of the Bride shoes.  Expensive, well-made shoes are worth the investment.  Scrimp on less important things.  (We won't tell anyone those earrings are faux-pearl!)
8.    Do try wearing a neutral or metallic shoe like gold, silver or pewter, instead wearing a shoe the same color as your mother of the bride gown. It is much more sophisticated and classy!
9.    Don't wear flats to the ceremony.  If high heels make you squeamish, try a kitten heel or a wedge instead - you'll walk taller and look slimmer with some extra height!
10.    Do choose age appropriate shoes.  Ditch the Granny orthopedic wannabes, but also don't choose a shoe that looks like it belongs in your teenage daughter's closet.  Anything too strappy or sparkly will look tacky on a woman over 40.


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