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Promote Your Online Business Using a Podcast

We've discussed several ways to promote your business online. The ways we've discussed have been article distribution, blogging, videos and teleseminars. Another way to successfully promote your business, product or service is by using a podcast.
Podcasts are perfect for self promotion as well as sharing information and educating. Podcasts can be done with audio and with the popularity of videos you can incorporate a video into your podcast as well. Technically a podcast is an online radio show that one can subscribe via RSS feed or via iTunes or by simply downloading from your existing site.
Podcasts can be recorded in advance and placed on your blogs or on blog directories. One of the benefits of a podcast is that your listeners can download the episode to their mp3 players and listen at their leisure.
Lengths of podcasts vary depending on your topic. Some podcasts episodes are short lasting 15 minutes and some may be as long as 1hour. As long as you are providing information that will entice your audience your podcast will be successful. Be creative and use your podcast to promote your services. Some will use the podcast to promote others that may help in educating your target market, the possibilities are endless.
The podcast can also include sponsors that will pay you to promote their products. In this scenario, you win with some cash and they win with exposure. Consider the ease of including a podcast on your site. The episodes can be recorded in advance and placed on your site with an easy plugin if you are using a WordPress type site. If you don't have a site you can still create podcast episodes and upload them to iTunes and other audio venues.
Be creative and consider adding podcasting to your marketing plan. The more exposure you achieve in your marketing efforts the more successful you will be. Remember folks will not go searching for you, you must make yourself accessible and podcasting is just another way to accomplish that endeavor.


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