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Take Off Your Shoes and Walk Barefoot

Have you heard that people are beginning to take part in the "new" barefoot running exercise based on the new book, "Born to Run"? 
I grew up when life was simple and natural. As a kid it was normal to go outside and play in our bare feet. I remember the feel of the grass on my feet and the fun of jumping in a pool of water barefoot. I also remember bee stings, cuts and bruises that my mom or dad would always "fix" for us and send us on our way back outside. I recall putting my bare foot to the metal pedal of my bike and feeling the power of speed. There were only two times we wore shoes: 1) at school and 2) at church services.  Kids wear flip flops or some foot covering now when they play outside. However, the sensory perception and knowing what is going on in the earth beneath our feet is an experience they are missing.
Considering the fact that almost all of us are wearing improper shoes and damaging our feet only highlights that we need to spend time finding, purchasing and wearing the proper shoes. And, go barefoot whenever we can--safely. Barefoot running or walking encourages mid foot strike and preventing hard unnatural heel strikes and encourages natural posture and motion. It is only in the past 30 years that running shoes have become laden with padding, arch supports and technical advances that countless studies and medical professionals show are doing more harm than good. People are realizing that barefoot is really a way to go. Can this be contributed to people looking for back-to-basics, simplicity and natural ways of living - going green, so to speak? 
For the majority of people barefoot is the healthiest way to be for the body. However, it is too risky for most of us to strip off our shoes and go for a barefoot walk/run (unless on a sandy beach). I have read that "The VivoBarefoot shoe has a uniquely thin and puncture resistant sole (a patented technology) that gives all the protection of normal shoes and the health benefits of walking barefoot". If nothing else, it is recommended that you walk barefoot around your home - inside and outside - to see if barefoot walking is the "new" activity for you.


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